Absences must be reported on the AesopOnline portal at least one hour before lessons are scheduled to begin.

You may log on to the Aesop Online site whenever you choose, day or night, from any computer or mobile device.


Visit or call 1-800-942-3767 to reach AESOP.

Wait for the confirmation number before hanging up the phone or closing the tab after reporting an absence. Until you get a confirmation number, your purchase has not been finalised.

AesopOnline Portal Benefits

Here are just a few of the many advantages of using this digital hub:

  • Absences for teachers may be simply recorded at any time and from any location.
  • People looking for work may do so through phone or computer, and if they apply for a position online, they will be notified via email.
  • The AesopOnline platform has simplified many aspects of education, employment, etc.
  • In this approach, administration is always aware of how their educators are doing.

Frontline / AesopOnline is an efficient calling system used by the HR department to manage communications and monitor employee absences. To account for their absences, vacations, and/or holidays, all instructors are required to utilise Frontline / AESOP. Once hired, every single educator will be issued a unique ID and password for communicating with the system (classified advertisements, certificates, and reps).

The AesopOnline portal represents one example of the many recent technical developments. The portal has greatly simplified the work of educators and management. The AesopOnline platform also guarantees that students’ academic progress will not suffer significantly even if the teacher is absent. For both the instructors and the students, this site has been a godsend.