Mobile Access

It’s important to take measures to prevent even a little decline in student performance while a teacher is off sick or on vacation. You’ll need to inquire about the amount of vacation days and requests, select the best possible substitute for that instructor, and respond to district-wide attitudes in order to keep things running smoothly. In the United States, AesopOnline is a resource that all educators may benefit from.


You may take your time, be certain that your students’ education will not suffer, and arm yourself with the data you need to make the right decisions using Audience and Substitute Management (previously Aesop).

AesopOnline Mobile Access

  • The new Frontline Insights portal is readily available at your fingertips whenever and whenever you use the Frontline Education mobile app. Workers may use their mobile devices to view information like accrued vacation time, request time off, view course materials, and sign up for online push alerts.
  • Districts and their teachers can use the AesopOnline mobile app if they have the Frontline Insights Platform.
  • If you’re looking for an automated system for managing teacher absences and arranging for a substitute, go no further than Frontline Absence Management (previously Aesop).
  • Aesop has expanded as the go-to method for managing and analysing employee absences and sending substitute teachers who are both competent and efficient.

With the Aesop Online mobile app, workers can log in to the hub whenever they choose, no matter where they happen to be. Numerous educators and educational institutions have benefited greatly from this service.

To facilitate the instructors’ requests, AesopOnline provides a centralised location for doing so. This smartphone app allows them to ask for leave and provide a brief justification for doing so.

Teachers from a wide range of schools have signed up for and made effective use of this site.