Substitute Training

To notify your employer that you will be absent on a certain date, please use the AesopOnline site as soon as you know that you will be absent on that date. Whether you go to the official website or call 1-800-94-AESOP, you’ll have no trouble connecting to AesopOnline (1-800-942-3767). You will start receiving # s. to indicate your absence on this portal as soon as you are linked to it.


Teachers may also access information like lesson plans and training resources through the Aesop Online platform.

AesopOnline is an online tool for managing instructor attendance and arranging for substitutes to be present when needed.

When teachers need to be absent or covered by substitutes, administrators can use the automated system Aesop to do so. Educators and substitutes alike can benefit from this portal’s extensive features and seamless integration with other platforms.

It’s important to understand that even after registering, your information might not immediately be accessible through the portal. It typically takes 2 weeks for a teacher’s profile to become active on the AesopOnline site. After two weeks, if you still haven’t been able to use the official site, please call 1-866-373-4321.

AesopOnline Teacher Training

Videos designed to help new faculty members settle in quickly and easily will be screened for them. Check out the following for a sampling of what you can expect to learn in this course:

  • To what extent is AesopOnline’s absence management accessible, and how can I log in?
  • Answering the question, “How do you make openings?”
  • Examine available positions on Aesop Online, the organization’s dedicated job board.
  • Verify and update your profile information.
  • Substitute a new PIN
  • If you get into trouble, where can you go for assistance?

Access the AesopOnline help centre by logging in with your VVSD credentials (username / ID or other ID and PIN) and clicking the “Frontline Support” option in the top right corner of the page. Simply select the “Teach” option. The instructional movies are also accessible through the “Introduction to Estoop” menu. Human Resources also features areas for answering commonly asked questions, searching for available positions, and reporting an employee absence.